Design Sprint

The Design Sprint 2.0 is a structured process for solving big problems fast that was developed at Google by Jake Knapp and perfected on 100’s of start-ups at Google Ventures. 

In just 4 days, you’ll be able to create a prototype of your idea and test it on 5 real users.

The greatest benefit of the process is that you’ll quickly know what product, service, or feature you should be developing. The method is now used by teams in leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Lego, Slack, and many more. The Google Design Sprint is like nothing you’ve seen before and is a great way of finding market fit and igniting innovation.

Why Use Design Sprints?

Instead of investing months trying to build an MVP, going in circles with a re-design, or a new feature, and not even knowing if your users will love it – validate your ideas first.

Traditional Method:
4 Steps to Validation

In the traditional model, it takes months, even years to bring a product to market. Often, the “build” part of the project just lingers on and on, as the team loses focus and moral.

Design Sprint:
2 Steps to Validation

Using the Design Sprint 2.0 in your discovery process will quickly tell you what product you should be building by giving you real feedback from users on a real, hi-fidelity prototype.

When to Run a Design Sprint

When starting a new project, or re-designing an existing one.

When adding an important feature to an existing project.

When you want to validate a business idea.

How we do it

At Red, we run two sprints back to back, prototype and test with 10 users, and handover a viable prototype with an MVP plan.




Design Sprint 2.0


Iteration Sprint


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