Eyal Katz (Katzy)

Co-Founder, Head of Design & Services

The Official Story

Eyal is an award-winning designer and animator. He is in charge of the pulse of the studio. He created visual brands that are used and loved by millions all over the world.


The Real Story

Eyal was born an identical twin. Due to the overwhelming similarity in the boys’ looks, Eyal often got confused when looking at his brother, often mistaking him for some kind of fourth dimension. Long exposure to such experiences enabled Eyal a special talent for seeing things in a “unique” way. For example, he recalls rearranging spots on the back of ladybugs with his ocular supervision. One day, while walking along Tel Aviv’s picturesque beaches, Eyal came across a ball of fur. Squinting, he was able to make out two shiny eyes and a big red drooling tongue. This strange and beautiful creature, otherwise known as “Kliv”, became Eyal’s lifelong friend.

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