Orit Zetouni Sade (lulu)

Head of Product

The Official Story

Orit is a partner at RED, and has been creating loveable digital products for over 15 years. She has a B.A. in Fine Art, and an M.A. in Design for Interactive Media. She also teaches UX and design thinking at leading universities and gives lectures and workshops worldwide.

The Real Story

Orit grew up in a very rectangular prefab home, located in a suburb of Chicago. When not counting the squares of the very 60’s styled wallpaper that covered the family’s living room, Orit often contemplated life while staring at round, gold fish swimming in a medium sized waterfall that was also a lamp. Eventually she grew up and was off to art school. She supported herself by working in an establishment that was known for making square burgers. In an attempt to save a little money, Orit started buying cheap oil paint from some unfamiliar country in the east. This product offered day-glow colors which enabled her to paint abstract scenes, reminiscent of the special effects she had seen while admirably watching Wonder Woman as a child.

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