Ram Almog


The Official Story

Ram is a technologist with a film degree, has vast experience with digital products, and is also in a jazz band! Ram is our chief strategist and has been helping companies reinvent their businesses for over 15 years.

He also mentors start-ups in various incubators including the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, IDC Herzliya, and gives lectures and workshops worldwide. 


The Real Story

Born in the jungles of Haifa, Ram grew up wrestling snails and wild bunnies. After discovering the Sinclair ZX81, Ram traded in his very short wrestling shorts for a pair of supersonic glasses, and started punching in zeros and ones. It didn’t take long for the IDF to take notice, and they quickly recruited him to be a naval officer. Ram respectably served his country for five and a half years, apart from a freak accident involving over ripe apples and 10,000 volts of electricity, which resulted in a 10 percent increase in Ram’s already abundant “jew fro”, and a strange inclination to raise his voice in the middle of very long sentences. Today, when not creating jungle book animations with his sons, Ram spends his time coding 3d engines in flash and conjuring up new and exciting ways to navigate through endless amounts of information.

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